Standard Reclaim Process Flow

1. Incoming Inspection and Sorting

All wafers are inspected and sorted for the fitting process by experienced operators. Necessary removal and yield depend on careful inspection.


2. Removal of Layers and Structures

Layers, structures and defects are completely removed by our customized machinery. This is one of our unique processes!

3. CMP

Chemomechanical planarization generate a flat and smooth surface. Several process steps are necessary to achieve defect-free surfaces with excellent TTV and roughness.


4. Measurements

The surface of each wafer is measured for thickness, TTV, bow and warp to guarantee the excellent quality. The contact free method is provided by MTI on the Proforma 200 SA. Wafers up to 200mm can be measured.


5. Epi-Ready Treatment


Each wafer gets the Epi-Ready treatment. We have invented and improved this well-known surface state over the years. This is a comprehensive surface preparation allowing the direct use in epitaxy without any cleaning steps.




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